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Bharath is the ancient and holy nation. While Bharat is becoming a super power, how come a part of its population remain undeveloped? If we strive for good governance, how can we ignore the contribution of the majority population? With this broader outlook, many individuals and organizations are working in this country. Nandhanar Sevashrama Trust is the unique among them.

In 2002, State Government of Tamilnadu passed "Prevention of forcible conversion act". This act was introduced with a good intention. But it was vehemently opposed by those with a vested interest.

Tada D Periyasamy, a dalit leader and his followers supported the state Government's Act. He condemned forcible conversions and pointed out its absurdity.

Many spiritual heads appreciated such efforts and extended support to Tada D Periyasamy. Swami Sadhashivananda, organizer, Tamilaga Hindu Thuraviyar Peraivai shared the perception and initiative of Tada Periyasamy and gave whole-hearted support. They desired for the social change in Tamilnadu alike Sri Narayana Guru.

Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal of Kanchi Shankara Matam, enthused Tada Periyasamy. Swamiji insisted that necessary solid efforts should also be made for the development of the dalit population, along with the fight against casteism.

Usually, many dalit leaders and parties raise empty slogans and they are settled promoting their personal ends and growth. The affected people get no benefits. As a remedy to all these problems, Nandhanar Sevashrama Trust was formed with the aim of serving the dalit population through welfare activities. The honour of naming the trust as “Nandanar” goes to the great Kanchi Swamigal.

On the auspicious day of 28th September 2004, Nandhanar Sevashrama Trust was registered in Valikandapuram, in Perambalur district. Administrative office is set up in Novanagar, Kunnam circle in Thirumaandurai panchayat.